fredag 11. juni 2010

New bike, old rider....

I got a new bike recently. This new bike goes against several of my earlier principles: it is under framed by an inch, so like the trendy Kona style of 1991!

Also it is an unkown mongrel group-set with the only quality part being the Deore rear derailleur. Yet I find everything works ! It needs some tweaks to the gears and breaks but it seems to all work.

This is a bike at a price I would have looked over: but this was 150 quid, 1600NOK off, so it would have been in a set to look at for a 600 budget if I was a man with cash.

Now I have trained about 5 hours a week and done some other round town cycling and I feel I am back to the ancient questions of 1989! Do I go for a higher saddle, further back or try and train to a lower, more 360 style? How do I balance R-L legs? How often do I hike and is this best for my back?

I need an advisor, as I did in 1989 when I had a resting heart rate of 38 and should have maybe given up beer and taken up cycling a bit more seriously!

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