onsdag 2. mars 2011

Hijacked over to being Ski Rants

Yeahh-ahss this is now going to be ski ranting for as long as snow within an hour lasts!

Well the one thing I am both lucky with and not so actually is that I have a sparring partner in the spor who is almost exactly as bad and as slow to learn as me: he has the edge for now having done some schsslalohm skiing, while I have a better classic Xc style.

Yesterday was another big step forward which kind of crept in:

1) I started to skate up hill and get some good rythms going on the flat, with some dare to do down hilling skating style.

2) finally got some feel and control in plough, with a final little ski school slow-mo' slalom near base camp to polish off the day's learning.

Plough is hard for me because I am tall and heavy: but I just decided to put my legs out further apart to really force it on for braking and uncle I-man told me to unload the ski before i turned the tip in and then to load over from the hip.

The main issue was thereafter in the day not having good control out of the spor: they gave out a few times at the hard spots of course!

Skating I lift the foot too high and have a right side dominance. I reckon I can crack it though by not using poles and the same goes for weight distribution in classic

Yesterday was just 12 km or so, but I felt pretty strong and had some real speed in the legs on fish bone, skating and classic too! I just was skittish on the downhill.

It is a complete obsession for now!

I'm using purple wax aka "swix fiolett" . I just keep putting it on because it grips with a thick top layer on ice while it works okay on packed snow down to -5'c , when it clumps like hell. It is less sticky than red or clister, more kind of dry tacky. I've stripped back once and had three layers of blue, which was perfect (vegarshei rund??) and lasted longer than purple anyway. You need a lot of layers of purple otherwise you will end up needing to wax every 10 clicks/ hour or so.

Now it looks like we have turned the corner into spring like days, with it being a completely easter like day in the hills yesterday. I could be temted by roller skis!

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